We Make Property Management Easy

Enjoy the benefits of owning a rental home without the traditional hassles of being a landlord.

How Our Property Managers Help You

Save Time

Our property management team is on the ground handling the fun stuff, so you can focus on growing your passive income stream.

Peace of Mind

From repairs and maintenance to communicating with tenants, our preferred property management teams protect your assets and keep things running smoothly.

Invest Smarter

Buy in markets with the best returns for rental property investors. Our preferred property managers across the U.S. enable you to own anywhere.

Property Management Frequently Asked Questions

There is peace of mind in knowing your property is being managed by experienced professionals. Rock Properties Management takes great pride in its excellent reputation, built on more than 18 years of experience. We match residential property owners with the right tenants so that the landlord/tenant relationship operates smoothly. Rock Properties manages a variety of properties for owners who live in town, out of town, and overseas.

  • Smooth leasing process
  • Easy Payments
  • Well-maintained property

For Owners

From finding the right tenants to managing leasing agreements and maintenance requests, be confident that your property is well cared for and making you a profit.

For Tenants

Find the right property for your family and enjoy your leasing experience — from moving in, to maintenance and move-out inspections. We’ll even help you build your credit score to buy your own place.

Why Choose ROCK Properties To Manage Your Properties?

  • We will be there for you to prevent unnecessary damages and find the right vendors to make repairs the right way at a reasonable price.
  • We will handle all the time-consuming tasks in every stage of the rental cycle, from inspections to move in and move out.
  • Get the right lease agreement—We make it simple for property owners and tenants to make a fair and legal lease agreement.
  • We will professionally manage your property while you enjoy doing what you do best, reaching your income goals, and growing your residential real estate business.


In which areas do you manage properties?
We normally manage properties in the areas of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Hutto, Liberty Hill, Florence, Bertram, Taylor, Thorndale, Thrall, Jarrell, Buda, Kyle, Manor, Williamson County, Travis County and Bell County. Specializing in these areas gives our company more leverage and exposure to lease your investment property quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of using a professional property manager in Austin?
Utilizing the services of a Professional Property Management Company makes owning an investment property easy. We handle all tenant issues, turnover, rent collections, and repair and maintenance issues. We provide online statements, copies of all invoices, and disburse owner funds through electronic ACH transactions. All you have to do is check your bank account to make sure your disbursement is received. You can focus your time and efforts on other issues instead of worrying about your property. You are in good hands.

How long have you been managing real estate?
We have been managing properties for over the past 18 years. We manage and lease dozens of properties.

Does your company provide sales services?
ROCK Properties Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage offering selling, buying, leasing, and property management services. Our team of real estate brokers can help you select an investment property, lease the property and find a tenant, originate your mortgage, assist in getting a property ready for lease, and manage the property. The more services we provide, the more we can save you money.

How will your Austin property management company market our home when it needs to be rented?
We have leasing agents who monitor online internet leads, emails, and phone messages seven days a week.

All listings are listed in MLS with multiple pictures and can be viewed at Realtor.com, AustinHomeSearch.com, ListHub.com, our website and others.

How do you screen tenants?
Our rental applications require two years of rental history. We obtain recent pay stubs to verify employment and verify rental history from previous landlords. We search for evictions and collections through a national database and also cross reference addresses with owner occupied owners. We require gross income to be three times monthly rent and total debt ratios including rent payment not to exceed 50% of one month’s rent. These are general guidelines. We also pull a criminal background check.

No screening process if fool proof. Credit scores alone are not factors in determining if a tenant is going to pay rent on time. It is even more difficult to screen to assure that a tenant is going to take care of the property. Many times, current landlords are not aware of any damages until tenants vacate and surrender property. If there are no collections from landlord on credit report and no damages noted in our rental history report, we can only rely on our experience to judge if the tenant is responsible and will pay the rent on time. We do our best to screen applicants, verify employment and rental history.

The best tenants are applicants with marginal credit with good jobs. High fico score tenants most likely will take care of property and pay rent on time. However, they rarely live in a home more than 1-2 years and will purchase a home. The most profitable tenants for landlords are tenants with poor credit and a good job. We have some tenants who have rented the same home for five years or more. This is rare with high fico score tenants. Yearly turnover, make ready, and leasing fees are very expensive for landlords.

What type of lease do you use?
We use a promulgated lease provided by Texas Association of Realtors. It is very landlord friendly.

How do you determine market rent?
Austin has a very robust MLS system. We can view the most recent active and leased data to determine market value. Tenants want to lease the best home, in a good neighborhood, at the best price. We recommend listing property at or just below market. Unlike selling a home, most tenants will submit an application once they find a property that meets their needs. Pricing your home above market can result in extended vacancy period. We normally lease a property within 30-45 days, assuming the property is in good condition, shows well and is priced competitively.

How much security deposit will you require from new tenants?
We generally charge a security deposit equal to one month’s rent for single family resident properties. We charge less for duplexes and fourplexes and more for more risky applicants.

Do you require reserves for repairs?
No. We do not require reserves for repairs. Most repairs are less than $500 and are deducted from monthly rent. In the event we have a large repair for a hot water heater replacement or a/c condensing unit, we sometimes can split up payment over two months to increase your monthly cash flow.

Do you recommend using a Home Warranty Company such as American Home Shield?
We generally discourage owners from purchasing a warranty program. Most warranty plans provide poor service and are not responsive. We get many service call requests on late Fridays and weekends. Most tenants will not accept having an a/c system down 3-4 days because of poor service from a warranty company. Many will not cover repairs such as dirty coils, or the removal and installation of Freon. When buyers purchase a property, a warranty plan is usually included. However, we don’t recommend renewing the warranty plan.

What type of bills will your property management company pay?
We will pay your yearly HOA dues, lawn service, repair invoices, utilities and any other services related to the property from rents received for your property. We do not pay mortgage payments or property taxes.

When will I receive my monthly disbursement and report?
We submit owner ACH disbursements between the 10th -14th of each month. We encourage owners to receive monthly disbursements electronically with ACH disbursement. We will mail owner manual checks the 15th of each month. Invoices and monthly reports are included with manual checks. We post copies of work orders and all invoices to the owner portal.

Because we have tenants moving in every week of the month, we post monthly reports and copies of invoices online a few days before the end of the month.  So, owners receiving ACH disbursements will see their deposits early but will not have access to reports and invoices until end of month.

How do you handle repairs? Will you notify me of any repairs?
We will notify you by email or phone if we have a single repair that is more than several hundred dollars. We process over 100 invoices every month. For minor repairs, we will simply deduct from rent and include a copy of the invoice. We do not require an approval in advance to complete repairs. We have a strong relationship with our vendors who provide quality work at competitive prices. We will notify you about a large repair, so it is not a surprise when you receive your owner disbursement.

Do you inspect the property?
At owner’s request, we can provide a home inspection using a third-party vendor. For a small fee, our vendor will take pictures and provide owners with a detailed report.

What fees do you charge for managing and leasing homes?

  • Monthly Management Fee: 8% (Of a Full Month’s Rent).
  • Tenant Placement Fee: 80% (Of a Full Month’s Rent)
  • Lease Extension Fee: 10% (Of a Full Month’s Rent)
  • All other expenses are pass-through (without markup)