Company Overview

We are a Texas-based real estate investment firm that specializes in providing homeowners with alternative and advantageous solutions for selling their homes fast. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently help homeowners out of undesirable situations such as foreclosures, divorces, and estate sales, to name a few. Our Process puts the seller first and we encourage every individual we speak to to carefully consider all of their options. We continuously demonstrate our willingness to go above and beyond for anybody we work with. In fact, our motto is: Treat everyone like a customer even if they decide not to become one. For us, this means that we will do everything in our power to make your experience with us easy and enjoyable, with complete transparency. From first contact to long after a homeowner makes their final decision, we approach each case as professionals with a genuine desire to help in anyway we can.

Who We Help

Put simply, we help whoever we can. Anytime we are contacted to see if we can help somebody, our company standard is to go above and beyond to make sure that person finds the answers they are looking for or the solution they need. This means that we frequently find ourselves working with individuals long-after they inform us that they won’t be selling their property to us. Why do we do this? Well, because we really do care. In our business we meet a lot of great people who have found themselves caught up in an unfortunate situation. Since we have knowledge and connections beyond just whether or not we can buy your home, we consider it our civil duty to help those in need however we can and free of charge.

When it comes to actually purchasing properties, our customers are any homeowner who wants to sell their house fast for cash. Whether they need help stopping a foreclosure, are dealing with a divorce, inherited a property, behind on their taxes, or any other reason, we can help by providing the best possible home selling solution that is completely free of charge, hassle- and stress-free, and that more often than not lets homeowners walk away from the closing table with more cash in their pockets.

Where Do We Buy? What Do We Buy?

We pay cash for houses, multifamily apartments, condos, land, lots and other specialty real estate investment properties throughout Texas. We target both new properties and distressed properties alike, and there is no amount of damage or repairs that is beyond our reach. We will look everything! Our primary markets include Austin, the Austin/Round Rock Metroplex and surrounding areas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and all other markets in the state as well!

How Resivoir Began…

When we first started we would get frustrated because real estate agent’s commissions would eat up most of our profits and sometimes even force us to pass up on a good deal. Some of our team even got their real estate licenses so that we could save just 3 percent when we resold a property.

Once on the “inside” we quickly realized that there’s really no reason for using a real estate agent when investing in residential real estate. We started reaching out to homeowners and figured out that by buying directly from the seller we could increase our offers by as much as 6%, or the cost of the would-have-been agent fees. This allowed us to win more bids with our high offers and to buy more properties. The result? Homeowners get to put more cash straight into their pocket and we get to increase our volume which in turn generates more profit for us!

Over time we realized we were providing a service that listing agents couldn’t. We found that a lot of homeowners find themselves in tough situations like foreclosures, probates, divorces, evictions, or anything else. We learned that these people often need to sell their properties extremely fast. Fortunately, we have tons of experience in estimating repairs and we always pay for our properties with cash. As such, Resivoir became a preferred choice for homeowners looking to sell their property fast because we do not need any financing or inspection contingencies and because we always close on time!

Today, Resivoir is a privately-owned all-things-real-estate business in Round Rock that focuses on helping homeowners like you find the best solution for selling you unwanted house, whatever the reason may be. We take pride in our ability to overcome any obstacle and providing our customers like you with superior quality service that leaves you walking away from the closing table with more money in your pocket!

Resivoir Blog

We do extensive research on what’s going on with real estate in today’s market so that you don’t have to! We update and post regularly, so make sure you Check Out Our Blog before you go. If you’d like to discuss anything with us, please don’t hesitate to call us at (512) 518-0360.

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